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Camera Head Rentals

Take a look at our inventory of camera heads. Get in touch with us and we would be happy to find the perfect camera head for your production today.

This section of the site is still under construction, more products coming soon!

Hot Gears

A 2 axis motion repeatable remote camera head controller that can be easily attached to a Panavision or ARRI head as a cost effective remote system.

The Smart Remote System

- Utilizes a self-calibrating microprocessor with a 62 second memory which continuously matches the exact position of the controls & motors to give a repeatable position as the operator moves the wheels

Easy Setup & Operation

- Compact & lightweight, the unit requires only a single umbilical cable between camera and controller

Hot Gears PC-Link

- Allows operator to save moves from Hot Gears console to floppy or hard disk 

- Allows download of previously recorded moves into Hot Gears

- Move editing and scaling capabilities

- Convert real time moves into Hot Gear control files for playback in time lapse

- Provides X,Y,Z coordinates in ASCII file format for use with other motion control systems and computer graphics platforms

Other Features

- Voltage monitoring system

- Pan & Tilt zero re-indexing

- Remote camera on/off switch

- Ten position Pan & Tilt controls


2 or 3 Axis motion control

The Aerohead is lightweight & features continuous three-axis movement. It is designed with remote cranes in mind.

- Balanced

- Compact

- Modular 

- Free-wheeling rotators for easy camera setup

- Powerful motors and gear trains designed for performance and durability

- Capable of handling film & video packages


- Record & playback multiple takes

- Programmable speed, smoothness & limits for each axis

- User friendly operation & programming

- Full digital motor control

PC Integration

- Connecting a laptop to the Aerohead transforms it into a full-featured, portable, motion control head

- Data recording, Digital capture, and CGI Interface

- CGI compatible data files

- Real time data logging & time lapse


Talon Plus
2 axis stabilization & motion control

Ideal for cranes like Aerocrane/Intel-A-Jib/Super Maxi

The Talon is a high quality compact pan/tilt camera head that is very precise, quiet and smooth with full motion control capabilities. 

- Balanced

- Compact

- Modular

- Free-wheeling rotators for easy camera setup

- Powerful motors and gear trains designed for performance and durability

- Includes both Joystick & Handwheel control

- Interfaces with Fujinon, Canon, and Preston (FIZ) serial lens controls

Other Features

- Record and playback up to 2000 takes, with a recording time of 1 hour

- Record and move to up to 2000 marked positions

- User friendly operation & programming

- Programmable speed, smoothness and limits for each axis

- All pan/tilt, lens & camera functions are processed bi-directionally

- Share recorded data with laptop to get streaming and upload/download

- Camera synchronization, two axis stabilization and backpan

- QTake remote trigger, full motion control, wireless control


Movi XL

The MōVI XL features 100% custom electronics designed by Freefly team. This enabled Freefly to create a completely wireless system that only weighs 25lbs.

- Balanced

- Boots in 2 seconds and autotunes in 10

- Modular and expandable design

- Free-wheeling rotators for easy camera setup

- Mount it to just about anything

- Delivering 1500W of peak power/dual 10Ah batteries

- RED RCP allows users access to RED camera controls from 600ft away

- Updates camera pointing one thousand times per second


- 100mph with Full Camera Package

- Motors features a hollow shaft to allow users to easily route cables through the gimbal 

- Real time data user feedback that allows optimized performance

- Custom made in house brushless motors with high resolution encoders

- Completely wireless for both command and power using the Freefly control ecosystem (MIMIC, MoVI Controller, Pilot) and high power lithium batteries


Hot Head II

The Hot Head II is the world standard remote controlled camera head for film & video cameras.

Total Control

- Full 360° pan & tilt rotation is possible with speeds from 2.5 seconds to 17 minutes. Not only can you achieve spectacular shots for stunts & car rigs, you can rig the Hot Head II in places where there is no room for crew

Total Integration

- The Hot Head II comes complete with a Preston wireless lens control system, crank wheels & all the monitors & accessories you require for any situation imaginable. Joystick optional.


Power Pod Plus

Power Pod Features

- Cable free 360° pan & tilt rotation

- Accepts film magazines to 1000'

- Accommodates all film & video cameras

- Provides complete camera control

- Comes with crank wheels

Plus Features

- Preston lens control system

- Stabilizing yoke

- Cabling system


Weaver Steadman
3-Axis head


By mounting the Weaver Steadman Head on the Z-Jib, Aerocrane or Intel-A-Jib, the camera package can be rolled while suspended from a jib arm, making any move imaginable, from skimming along the ground to flying & rolling more than 360°.

Infinitely Adjustable

Mounted in an upright or suspended (underslung) position, this quickly assembled  system excels in situations that require extreme tilts, extreme low angles, or near nodal point configurations. The 3 axis permit the camera to pan, tilt & roll close to the lens axis.


- Rotates 360° with most types of film & video cameras

- Can be used with film magazines up to 1000' in size

- Standard kit is 2 axis pan/tilt

- The Dutch kit adds 3 axis control

- Six fluid setting on pan/tilt, Dutch

- Works on all types of crane & jib arms


O'Connor 2575C

The flagship of O'Connor's ultimate range of fluid heads. With its famous features, the 2575 fluid head has become the standard for film production. The head includes O'Connor's patented sinusoidal counterbalance system for true, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range. Add this to O'Connor's stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag, and you've got ultimate control and stability for film style shooting.


O'Connor 120EX

Infinitely Adjustable

Industry leading cinematographers are turning to the O'Connor 120EX head. With the smooth O'Connor feel and infinitely adjustable control, this patented head is the only product on the market to balance the huge capacity range of 30 - 240 lbs. Have the freedom to create with even the largest lens.

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