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Crane Rentals

Need a crane for your production? We carry a number of industry standard cranes for each level of production. To inquire about a crane rental, please contact us here or give us a call at (416) 778-8661

This section of the site is still under construction, more products coming soon!

The Aerocrane

The incredibly versatile jib arm that can be assembled in minutes & used on any dolly or tripod.


- Adjustable from 5' to 11' in length with 1' increments

- Compatible with 16mm, 35mm, or video camera with Sachtler or Ronford head

- Available with extensions for the Hot Head II


Proaim Powermatic Scissor
17' Telescopic Jib Arm

The Proaim Powermatic Scissor 17' Telescopic Jib Arm supports up to a 33-pound camera at full extension. This motorized jib arm can be operated by a single person, and it features a reach of 2.7' when collapsed to 13' when fully extended.


- Supports up to 33 lbs. of camera

- Motorized extension and retraction

- Designed to work with 3-axis camera gimbals

- Variable dampening/speed controller available

- 17' long from tip to tip


Teris JG50-II
Carbon Fiber Mini Jib

Designed and built to be lightweight, easy-to-use, and vibration-free in operation, the JQ50-III Carbon Fiber Mini Jib from Teris is a 16' long compact jib that supports cameras and rigs weighing up to 22 lb. Designed for use with the DJI Ronin-S and RS2 handheld gimbals, and it can also work with most other popular gimbals in the market as long as they have a remote control solution. 


The Super Maxi Jib
Lightweight and Ultra portable

The Super Maxi Jib is a lightweight & ultra portable remote crane for smaller film & video cameras.


- Arm sections are easily hand carried

- 7 different length configurations

- Supports 77 lbs at full extension

- Comes with its own specially designed Maxi Dolly

- Parallel bar is carried inside arm structure allowing narrow situations


The Intel-A-Jib
Variable Length Jib Arm

A portable, dual length jib arm with innovative new features and increased reach. 


- 2 minute setup time

- 10' max reach

- Camera platform level adjustment

- Fine tuning weight

- Tilt and pan brake

- Dual bubble levels


The GF-16 Crane

The ultimate in BIG cranes: modular, rideable and remote


- More options to adapt the crane to the location or set

- 15 setup modes (11' to 55' arm reach)

- Identical rigging & rods for ease of setup

- Man ride with 2 persons to 19'4"

- Man ride with 1 person to 37'

- Remote operation with 176 lbs payload to 47' 7"

- Remote operation with 132 lbs payload to 50' 2"


The GF-6 Crane


- Fast and easy to setup

- 10 modes (10" 8" to 24")

- Ground or track use

- Crane base as western or track dolly

- Platform & remote operation

- Interchangeable extensions

- Extremely stable arm

- Surface hardened finish


The Javelin

Designed to carry the largest of Film & HDTV Cameras with the Hot Head.


- Ultra modular remote system

- 9 different length configurations

- Supports 130 lbs at full extension

- Front stabilizing bars carried inside arm structure allowing the crane arm into very narrow situations

- Hand tighten grips at the end of each bar eliminates play


- The Javelin crane comes with its own specially designed dolly which can be steered from either the front or the back

- 4-wheel steering makes the Javelin highly maneuverable in tight spaces


The Z-Jib

A unique design that permits weightless control of the camera. The camera can go from 2 ft below ground level to 12.5 ft above ground. 

The Ultimate Jib Arm

Several configurations are possible with the Z-Jib boom arm. Absolute height is determined by the accessories, setup & rigging.


- The fully extended arm can rotate in a 12' or 16' circle

- 8' reach from the base

- Supports loads up to 125 lbs

- Accepts camera packages, standard fluid head, or other pan & tilt devices

- Mounts to most solid platforms

- Setup time is approx. 20 minutes

- Training tapes available on request


The Aeroslider

The Aeroslider can be mounted on the Aerocrane jib arm making it even more versatile. The Aeroslider compensates for the boom arc & makes horizontal camera moves possible without moving the dolly base.


- 9.5" wide

- Mounts to Mitchell or Euro-coupler

- Hardened steel rods

- Precision linear bearings for flawless travel

- Quiet operation

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