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Dolly System Rentals

Here at DJ Woods Productions, we carry a large selection of equipment including cranes, dollies, camera heads and more. Contact us here to inquire about equipment rentals, pricing, or if you have any questions. 

This section of the site is still under construction, more products coming soon!

The Magnum Dolly
Basic Dolly with Manual Column

The Magnum Dolly is a modular system. The base plates with the manual cranked columns will facilitate quick and easy assembly.


- Integrated rotatable bearing allows 360° rotation

- 3 stage steering mechanism

- Quick removable studio/track combi-wheels

- Corrosion protected parts machined from solid material


The Maxi Dolly
Specially designed to support Super Maxi Jib

The Maxi Dolly is specially designed to support the Super Maxi Jib. It offers a dolly base with a small footprint without compromising rigidity. 


- Maneuverable steering from either the front or the back

- Integrated trackwheels can be run on curved as well as straight tracks

- Hard rubber standard studio wheels

- Standard sized column of 4'


The Dino Dolly
Perfectly suited for use with the Aerocrane


- Comes with hard rubber wheels as well as track wheels

- Can be reduced in width to fit through a standard door

- Electric column telescopes from 40" to 60"

- Seat support system optional

- Operates in crab or conventional mode with push bar & sideboards

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