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Lights + Light Kits

Here at DJ Woods Productions, we carry a large selection of lighting equipment ranging from basic projection kits, fluorescent light kits, fresnel spotlights, focusing floodlights and much more. Take a look at our stock and get in touch with us today to inquire about rentals.

This section of the site is still under construction, more products/info coming soon!

Dedolight DLH2 
150W Projection Kit

This light kit includes four Dedolight DLH2 lights, stands, barn doors, coloured gels, scrim, various other accessories, and a Dedolight DT12-4 100 watt power supply control unit. This lighting kit is a full package with everything you need.


Dedolight Sundance HMI 1
200W Light Kit

This is a compact, lightweight Dedolight DLH200D Sundance 200W HMI 1-Light Kit based around the Dedolight 200-watt daylight fixture for single-ended HMI lamps. This kit includes a light shield ring, a 4-leaf barndoor set, a head to ballast cable, an HMI bulb, and a hard kit case. Add a light stand, scrims, and other accessories of your choice.


Kino Flo Diva-Lite 200 
Fluorescent Light Kit

The Kino Flo Diva-Lite 200 series is especially designed for digital video capture. The Diva-Lite portable dimming soft lights bring Kino Flo's advanced professional lighting to the digital video generation. Ballasts dim from 100 - 5% of full power, ideal for location work and digital video capture, answers the need for an even smaller, lightweight source.


ARRI Junior
Lightweight Fresnel Spotlight Kit

The ARRI Junior series is ideal for portable applications where compact but robust, lightweight tungsten Fresnel spotlights are required.  Classic ARRI construction, using corrosion-resistant, extruded, die cast aluminium, maximises body strength while maintaining the light weight of a location fixture. The ARRI Junior kit includes the ARRI 150, ARRI 300 Plus, and ARRI 650 Plus.


1000W Focusing Floodlight

As an open-faced fixture, the Arrilite 1000 Watt Focusing Flood Light is designed for a wide range of film and photographic lighting applications. Sharing all the same features, size, weight and accessories as the Arrilite 650, the 1000 provides beam angles of 65° in the flood position and 24° in the spot position.


1k RedHead
Tungsten Light Kit

The workhorses of studio and location lighting for many years, these lampheads feature a complete specification with quality construction and performance. The endless focus mechanism eliminates lamp shock when full focus is reached, and Anti Surge Technology helps extend lamp life. 


Dedolight 400DT
Daylight Spolight Kit

This 400w HMI focusing light head is a breeze to use. Like all its relatives, double aspheric lensing creates the cleanest and most controllable beam in its class. Most are not used to the range this popular lamp size can achieve without additional accessories. This light has a native flood to spot range of 50°- 4.5°, and a focal intensity ratio of 1:20.


Frezzi Dimmer Mini-Fill
On-Camera Light

The Frezzolini Dimmer Mini-Fill On-Camera Light with 4-pin XLR Connector is a quartz Mini-Fill light with a 75W lamp, dimmer control and 4 ft cable with XLR connector. Designed by Frezzi for an ABC broadcast of a Mount Everest climb, the Mini-Fill's reliability, performance and portability have established its international reputation and inspired an entire line of lighting kits and accessories.


Kino Flo Mini Flo
Fluorescent Light Kit

The Kino Flo Mini Flo 9" Fluorescent System Kit is perfect for lighting small areas, such as car interiors, space helmets, etc. It may also be used as a "chin" light for a speaker at a podium, or news anchor in a TV studio. Each multi-voltage ballast is dimmable from 100 - 15% of full power. The kit includes 2- 12 volt DC, 3.4 Amp power supplies. 


Sachtler Reporter 100H
Focus Floodlight w/ Handle

The Sachtler Reporter 100H is a 12VDC Focus Floodlight with a handle mount, 4 leaf barn door set, diffuser, and daylight filter aid in changing the shape, color and intensity of the light. May be used on camera or hand held.


Dedolight Projection Attachment
85mm f/2.8 lens

Used as a focusing snoot, the Dedolight Projection Attachment creates an area of light with either a soft or hard edge. It is supplied with an 85mm f/2.8 lens. Offers great versatility with a spring-loaded accessory slot that accepts a wide variety of optional accessories.


Lowel Light Kit
DP Focus + Tota-Light + Rifa-Lite

Our Lowel lighting kit features everything you need for an in-depth lighting setup. It includes the DP Focus Floodlight, the Tota-Light tungsten floodlight, and the Rifa-Lite with diffuser. This kit is built for a long, multi-use life.


Lowel Omni-Light
500W Focus Floodlight

The wide focusing range of the Lowel Omni-Light makes it a flexible key or backlight. Add diffusion or an umbrella, and it's a soft fill source. Swap the power cord and lamp and it becomes a battery powered, handheld light. 


Cotelux 255R
2 x 55W Lighting Panel

The wide focusing range of the Lowel Omni-Light makes it a flexible key or backlight. Add diffusion or an umbrella, and it's a soft fill source. Swap the power cord and lamp and it becomes a battery powered, handheld light. 

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